Shotgun Comparison – Benelli Nova Pump Tactical vs. Mossberg 590A1

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Benelli Nova Tactical Shotgun

Benelli Nova Tactical Shotgun

The Benelli Nova Pump Tactical is a 12-gauge shotgun that some gun owners recommend for home defense. Built with a polymer stock and lightweight receiver, this special Benelli firearm is comfortable to hold and can handle everything from light loads to magnums.

Shooters enjoy comparing the pump-action Benelli Nova Tactical to the Mossberg 590A1, another popular special purpose long gun. Of course, the Benelli holds fewer rounds than the Mossberg 590A1 and has not passed the military’s rigorous MIL-SPEC 3443 standard.

Still, many owners of Benelli Nova Pump Tactical shotguns prefer this weapon’s ergonomic design, overall looks, and optional features. So which kind of gun would you recommend?

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