Daniels Defense M4 V4 – Rifle Review

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Daniels Defense M4 V4 - Rifle Review

Daniels Defense M4 V4 – Rifle Review

The Daniels Defense M4 V4 doesn’t come with rifle sights. Instead, shooters can use their own red dot, holographic, or magnified optics. MILSPEC parts on this M4 carbine include the lower and upper receiver. There’s also a MAGPUL buttstock and magazine.

To stay competitive with other manufacturers in the gun industry, Daniels Defense listened to consumer demand. For years, the gun maker didn’t sell a factory-made firearm with a set style gas block. All that’s changed with V4 of this rifle.

The gas block on this long gun press-fits for a secure attachment to the barrel assembly. Have you fired this carbine before? What did you think? Sound off here, or read our own gun review out the Daniels DDM4V4 rifle.



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