An Indepth SIG Sauer P226 Review

There are many guns out there but from my personal experience, few can beat the superb SIG Sauer P226. It is the best gun I have ever come across for a number of reasons. In this SIG Sauer .P226 review, I will look at the gun in detail and explore the features that make it an outstanding firearm. To begin with, this is a service-type, full-sized pistol produced by SIG Sauer. The pistol is chambered mainly for the .40 S7W, 9x9mm Parabellum, .357 SIG and the .22 Long Rifles. Its design is basically the same as that of the SIG P22o though it is developed higher capacity.

The first gun I bought when I was first issued with a concealed handgun license was a SIG Sauer .226. I have never regretted it since it surpassed my expectations of a handgun and continues to do so to date. For any law enforcer, I think no gun would serve that purpose in a better way than the SIG Sauer .226. To start with, it has no safety. There are only three controls. These are the magazine release, the slide top and the decocker.

The lack of safety means I can draw it quickly and employ it whenever I need deadly force. I don’t have to worry about flipping any mechanical surface on and off. With the SIG Sauer 226, it is good to go as soon as it is off the holster. It is meant to be carried with the hammer decocked and with a round in the chamber. This means the relatively light single trigger action is converted to heavier double action which is less likely to be pulled accidentally.

Another reason why the SIG Sauer .226 is great is its safety feature borne of the fact that when the hammer is decocked, it is far away from the firing pin. Unlike other handguns, the spring in a SIG Sauer P226 is not under tension. The hammer is located behind the firing pin but without touching it. It therefore does not impact on the firing pin. When the trigger is pulled, the hammer moves to strike the firing pin by slingshoting across the gap between the firing pin and its resting position and then snaps backwards after striking the pin.

The SIG Sauer .226 has another safety feature built on the slide. The slide has a locking bar that locks in place the firing pin away from the cartridge’s primer. Once the trigger is pulled, the locking bar is disengaged by a small lever and this allows the firing pin to move forward. This safety feature is such that the firing pin can never move until the safety has been disengaged even if it is struck by the hammer. Finally, the gun has a hood on it back which protects the firing pin from anything that may come from the sides.

I can well say that the SIG Sauer P226 is the masterpiece of firearm engineering. Like any other gun, it has some flaws but its strengths reign supreme. It is a beautiful firearm, easy to handle, and easy to aim with. If you are looking for a handgun with a double-stacked magazine, this is your gun.