Glock 23 Review

The Glock 23 was introduced in the 1990s, it was the first compact gun to chamber the 40SW cartridge.The Glock 23 was identical in almost all aspects to the 9mm Glock 19 except in caliber. The G23 became an instant hit with both the law enforcement and the armed citizens.Till today, it continues to be among the Glock model’s hottest selling handgun. The original capacity of the Glock 23 was 13+1, but it was eventually reduced to up to 10+1,that was, during the 1994 ban on magazines. Glock currently manufactures/produces both the Generation three and the newer Generation four G23 models. The G23 models sizes is more or less the same, but the Generation four has extra versatility in form of some bonus add ons, like the hand grips which come in different sizes, but performance wise, there is actually no material difference.

The G23 model is among my favorite Glock models. Reason is because it’s a powerful model with .40SW as its actual choice of caliber. Given that the Glock 23 uses the .40S&W, its bullet is normally wider than .327 and also has a better stopping power/capability. This makes the G23 my ideal model for home/house defense and also for concealed carrying.

Weight being an important aspect of any handgun. An un-loaded G23 normally weighs about 21.16 oz. This is considered a light weight due to the fact that the G23 has a polymer kind of frame which is made of a quite strong and also durable plastic. A fully-loaded G23 with 13 rounds,will weigh at 31.03 oz. I prefer loading it with just half of the number of rounds which reduces its weight to about 24 to 28 oz, especially when am carrying it around.

By standard the G23 can be loaded with 13 rounds but when i use a +2 base plate, i increase it to up to 19 rounds.I normally fire hundreds and hundreds of rounds from my G23 and it never gives me any problems, it is very unlikely to get a jam or any feed problem with a G23. This reliability is very crucial and is also life saving especially when using it for self defense.

I have always found the G23 finger grooves and the thumb depressions frame alter its grip angle well enough to reduce “Glock bite” which is unlike what I had experienced during high volume shoot range sessions with the older Glock models.The G23 also seem to shoot much more accurately than any older Glock model I have owned. I believe this is due to the function of natural pointing characteristic of its frame.

You can also modify your Glock 23.My black 3rd Generation Glock 23 has the same enhancements as the rest of most of my other Glock models,that is, it has night sights, it has a carry trigger setup, an extended slide stop with a magazine catch and frame plug.

Finally , i would say the G23 as a handgun is small enough for it to be comfortably concealed and it is also high reliable and durable making it one of the best and my favourite handgun in its class.