Sig Sauer Mosquito Review By An Ex-Special Ops Agent

When I first heard that name ,I thought like any layman will, that I was dealing with a mosquito net. What a surprise that a gun had such a funny name. But then, a name is just a tag .For a rose would still smell nice were it given another name. So here it goes:-

I needed to purchase a gun. So I walked into a gun shop in town to acquire my coveted item. The moment I mentioned to the attendants who were more than friendly that I needed the latest model of a gun, they were quick to point out to me that there were several guns on display, but their latest was the Sig Sauer Mosquito Review. The name was rather long. And for a moment, I stood there a little confused,

One helpful attendant, noticing that perhaps I was perplexed by the long name, came to my rescue. He offered me a sit, then went for the item. When he came back with it, I was mesmerized. This was exactly what I was looking for.

The first feature that I noticed with that gun that pleased me immensely was it’s size. When I held it in my sweaty hand, it felt quite comfortable. It was so easy to hold anyone would have loved to just touch and feel it. This feature, the helpful attendant explained, was because the gun had a resistant polymer frame that gave it the shiny yet comfortable finish. Apart from that, it only weighed 24.69.

I asked the friendly guy to explain to me the maximum time the item would take to fire if at all it had it’s limits while in use. I had to be sure because I had heard of stories where a gun simply stopped firing yet it had not run out of magazines. He assured me that it could be used for many hours without fail. It’s accuracy, he explained to me, was unquestionable. According to him, those who had bought it, mostly were game hunters. He explained that all of them had liked the way it never missed it’s target. Unless the handler had a seizure of some sort.

Next, I wanted to know how to care for it once it was in my possession. The first advice I was given was to always clean it after use. Of course this rule applies to many other things as well. The ammunition to use with this gun is strictly high quality CCI mini magazines. No short cuts. And the recoil strings to be placed properly to avoid any mistakes.

One last advice I was given was that the gun must be held properly to be safe. This was more like a warning since guns are not related to humans. They are machines that can injure or kill anyone if not properly handled by anyone. Machines needed precaution, so did guns.

To be sure I was purchasing the right item ,I asked about the Ak 47 pistol as well. Probably it was bigger than Sig Sauer Mosquito Review. But I was just curious. Satisfied that I had got myself a good bargain, I walked home happy with my prized item, ready to hunt game in our next hunting expedition.