Walther P22 Pistol Review

Are you wondering the kind of pistol to buy? this article guides you through the Walther P22 review. A couple of weeks ago, I was present at a varmint shoot funded by ATK and the Smith & Wesson in a ranch in Wyo. There were a lot of guns to choose from, one of the pistols available was Walther P22. This pistol has a 3.4 inch barrel and weighs an little more than a pound it definitely makes little noise and had a almost perfect execution due to its tight design. I gave it a try at picket posts and prairie dogs and I was shocked by its short view radius, which really confirmed my initial intuition of the Walther P22 review as a varmint pistol. This pistol is indeed a rendition of the popular Walther 99 fire pistol. The only difference between the pistols is the external hammer as well as the size.

The frame of the Walther P22 is made of polymer and a zinc alloy slide while the ejector, extractor, spring guide, recoil and barrel are all made of steel. Its magazine is made of stainless steel with a bump pad and a polymer follower. The interchangeable back-strap permits its grip to be tailored to the hand of any shooter. The view encompasses a polymer incline front with a white spot pushed into the slide and a polymer back view that can be fine-tuned for wind-age with two white spots. Two extra front views come with this amazing pistol to fine tune the elevation. Walther P22 also has a new ambidextrous arsenal release situated at the bottom raise of its trigger guard.

Inside the polymer frame is lock work that consist of steel and stamped components. Further its sculpted and spotted grip is designed to allow almost any size of the hand to control the gun. Just like other European pistols the Walther P22 has a curved front on its trigger guard. Although this is regarded an outdated technique by current pistol shooter, the curve provided a place for my off hand index finger. Another great thing I noted about this pistol is that it cannot fire without the arsenal in place. The sights of this pistol are extremely excellent and there is more than enough light between the front views blade and the back view. Fine tuning them for a certain load might however be quite tedious particularly when it comes to elevation but liked them. Initially I had some difficulties with my thumb accessing the arsenal release and the safety precaution was a two hand affair.

One of the things I would want improved may be is an additional arsenal, currently most of the semi automatic pistols come with at least two arsenals. Walther P22 is currently available in several variations such as target military and a barreled target models. All these models come in different color for the fashion conscious. It didn’t make me change my mind about the SA/DA guns, it is really a good pistol to shoot and if you carry the SA/ DA automatic as your gun this would be a perfect carry gun for you. With the above Walther P22 review its very easy for you to make your decision.