AK 47 Pistol 7.62 Review

Firearms have always been my first love and that is why I dedicated a lot of my free time into knowing more about them, what makes a good gun, what doesn’t, what can be done to improve it and many more. Recently I got my hands on an AK 47 pistol 7.62 and I have to say that I was impressed with how much I began to like it. Let me give you my full AK 47 pistol 7.62 review on this one below.

First of all, this is a gun that I purchased for personal defense and security and it manages to pack the right punch and accuracy. Price wise, this is an inexpensive firearm, but at the same time it’s quite intimidating and very reliable, managing to handle five round range magazines and up to and including a 75 and one hundred round drum. Using a 75 rounds drum though will mostly be enough for firing some morning shots as I like to call them to wake up.

They’re loud and the sound gets through every cell of your body, making you feel really authoritative. Also, worth to know is that if you have any other AK guns in your garage (at least that’s where I keep mine), then you will be able to use any standard AK drum or magazine with it.

Personally, I think the chrome lined barrel is pretty “courageous” and the gun comes with 2 thirty rounds magazines. The barrel measures twelve point twenty five inches, while the entire gun measures twenty one point five inches. The weight is five point five pounds and if you live in HI, CT, CA or NJ, you will not be able to find it for sale, because I already checked that (I live in CA). It’s prohibited by law to be commercialized.

Coming from the famous Zastava factory located in Serbia, when I hold this little bad boy in my hands I feel the wrath and might of the country’s firearm power and industry. It’s a little strange it takes me back to the Cold War, but that’s just me. For ease of disassembly and assembly, the semi-automatic AK 47 pistol 7.62 comes with a hinged top cover.

Even though according to the law, this is actually a pistol (to me it looks like a submachine gun), it’s basically a stockless SBR for which you don’t need to bother with registration. If you have other AK rifles in your basement or garage as I mentioned earlier, you’ll be happy to know it’s mostly parts compatible with them. It’s been six months now since I got my Draco and I put more than five hundred rounds through it and believe me or not, I love it more and more every time I shoot it.

Do I have a problem because it’s loud? Heck no! I love the loud sound it produces and I also like the slight muzzle jump. In fact, when I buy an AK pistol I already expect some of these traits to be quite obvious. In terms of accuracy, even if you shoot this beast at fifty yards, it will still get you some pretty nice results. Before I tried it for the first time, I imagined the recoil would be quite big, but it was less than what I thought it would be. I just shoot it holding it at arms length in a rifle type hold. In terms of price, I had to pay $700 for it which is quite affordable. And having that said, this is my personal AK 47 pistol 7.62 review on this amazing gun that I just cannot seem to get enough of!