Nemesis Vanquish .308 Review

If you love guns the way I do and you like to collect them and then choose a day in the calendar and shoot all of them for the sheer pleasure firing weapons gives you, then you’re definitely speaking my language. You see, I’ve been around guns ever since I was a little boy and I have to say that I played major roles in major conflicts ever since, guns were invented (even though it sounds cocky, it’s true). Before guns were used to shoot down people, we used crossbows, but they weren’t as effective as I would’ve wanted them to be. Soon though, something changed and the Nemesis Vanquish .308 sniper rifle appeared which was so amazing, that its effectiveness topped out the charts. In the following paragraphs, I’ll offer you my personal Nemesis Vanquish .308 review.

First of all, if you seen the movie The Bourne Legacy, then you’re already accustomed with this bad boy. Even though it looks very professional and futuristic in some ways I might add, this is a real sniper and it’s manufactured by a real company. I’ve managed to get my hands on one and I was impressed to see that it’s capable of six and a half inches shot groups at nine hundred and five yards. However, you need to be a skilled shooter to handle this beast.

The Nemesis Arms Vanquish

When you get this you also get a suitcase and many people are gushing about this rifle, because they can easily break it down in a few pieces and fit it inside. However, I don’t know why someone would carry a shiny suitcase with him during a war, but from what I can see, I give them a thumbs up for style. I took a closer look at the suitcase though and then as I was watching the aforementioned movie, I couldn’t help but seeing this was the exact same satchel Aaron Cross was carrying around with him.

If there’s one element of design you will love about this rifle, that is the nifty bipod swivel mount which you can use to mount your gun anywhere you want. The rifle is center balanced at the magwell, so you can easily mount on flat surfaces and it will stay level without you holding it. In what regards the safety, you can find it inside the trigger housing and the good news is that it’s ambidextrous.


If you’re interested in getting the Nemesis Vanquish .308, it will cost you some good money. I paid $4,500 dollars for it, but keep in mind that this is the price you will have to pay before you get any accessories, like the shiny suitcase, muzzle brake and the collectors backpack. The rest are all individually priced and if you’d like to get them as well, you will have to visit Nemesis’ official website.

With that being said, this is my take on the Nemesis Vanquish .308 which I personally consider one of the best rifles on the market today. It has a huge firepower and it never lets you down!