Why I Purchased The Savage .17 HMR – A Review

Due to its revolutionary AccuTrigger design, the Savage .17 HMR with scope delivers the best accuracy and convenience. I recently purchased one of this top-notch rifles and installed the scope on it. The truth is that I’ve started to rebuild my gun collection a few months ago, and I’ve heard rumors that this rifle is quite a jewel. After reading a few reviews online, I decided to buy it from a local store, and I’ve never regretted my decision since then.

This handy and trim HMR rifle it’s extremely reliable and accurate. Why have I chosen this rifle? Well, Savage was always considered a top-quality brand that manufactures top-notch rifles at affordable prices. This model (the 93R17) is one of the most refined of all the rifles from Savage, because it comes in a stainless-steel version, encompassing a laminated stock, a well-proportioned thumbhole and an easy to use AccuTrigger system.

I was always keen on laminated stock materials, because they are quite an asset in terms of preventing ingress of debris or weather resistance. The alternating pale brown and dark wood layer enhance the overall aspect of the rifle, making it more appealing to the eye. You can’t stop from staring at this piece of jewelry once you own one, so this is why I’ve got one of my own.

When I tried the rifle for the first time, out of the box I was amazed by its precision and accuracy. The fully adjustable AccuTrigger feature is completely safe, allowing you to set the trigger pull according to your own preferences and tastes. The good news is that you won’t need to break your budget going to a gunsmith in order to adjust the trigger pull, because you can do it at home. The gun is amazing and I can’t say it has any serious flaws. As a matter of fact, its only disadvantage is that the scope is not tuned it, so you might need to spend some extra time to adjust it.

Since deer hunting is my passion, I bought this rifle to try it out there. I was pleasantly surprised by its accuracy. I managed to kill two deers in just a couple of hours, and after only 5 shots. However, I’ve missed two of them because I wasn’t used with the rifle. Not to mention that I shot from around 150 yards, which is quite a lot. Nevertheless, I’m sure that I’m gonna get used with this amazing Savage .17 HMR rifle and next time will be even more fruitful.

With a stainless steel design, the Savage .17 HMR is certainly a rifle any passionate hunter needs to possess. All I can say is that I am extremely happy that I found out about this gadget from Savage in time. Who knows who else might have found about it before me, and would have killed all the deer waiting for me to end their existence in a quality manner. The truth is that this amazing rifle shots as good as it looks, even from more than 100 yards. I’m sure that for me, a 150 yards head shot will become routine in less than a couple of weeks.