Benelli Home Defense NOVA Pump Review

Before proceeding to the actual Benelli Home Defense NOVA Pump review where I explain the pros and cons of the shotgun, I would like to deliver my verdict. It is a great improvement of the pump action short gun that everyone else is used to. For this basis reason, I give it a five out of five score on innovation and practicality.

Design – Benelli Home Defense NOVA Pump Review

When you first take hold of the gun, you will notice that it has a protective covering that camouflages and is rubberized. Many people today still end up causing accidents with their guns even when they have a safety feature. This gun looks into this problem by including an additional shell stop button.

The Benelli has a black button on the pump that when pushed cycles the pump. This causes the round to stay within the magazine. It has an attachment for the sling and I found this as a different thing compared to many other shotguns. I was able to remove the chambered shells while the magazine was still intact. This useful feature allows me and any other user to stay ready for an opportunistic shot in case the target appears when you are retracting.

Best Use – Benelli Home Defense NOVA Pump Review

I would recommend this shortgun for anyone who is going to use it for hunting. Without a receiver for the scope, it fails to pass as a viable choice as a firearm. However, even though it lacks an outright receiver, the Benelli comes with the Nova Pump. This innovative piece combines a lightweight receiver and a polymer stock such that the gun can withstand all weather conditions. The incorporation also gives it strength that was unavailable in previous models.

Price and Handling

When it comes to price, the Benelli is quite affordable. It offers a three and a half inch shells and cycles. They run smoothly and required little effort from me. If you have the strength of an average adult, it should not be a problem to you too. I liked the handling features that this gun offers. The grip feels solid and the gun is not very loud. Speaking of easy handling, I especially liked the recoil reducer, though I did not interact with it physically, I was able to feel its effects. The gun will swallow loads that can go into three and a half inch magnums and yet it will not have such a hard recoil as those guns offer. It has a polymer covering integrated to its framework such that it stays free of any corrosion. It is on the buttstock that the recoil reducer attaches and its only 14 oz. heavy.


Some guns offer a better recoil reduction that the Benelli but they cost about 100 to 200 dollars more, so for the budget constricted person, they are not a viable option. I recommend that you take the Benelli Nova as your light hunting gun of choice. It is good for deer hunting and it will drop the target in at least 10 yards and as much as 150 yards. Since it already has a good range, it is the best choice for tactical home defending.