Browning Sweet 16 A5 Shotgun Review

Browning Sweet 16 A5 popularly known as Auto5 is the first semi-automatic recoil shotgun that remained in production until 1998. This semi-automatic shotgun was designed successfully by John Browning in 1898 and is made load five rounds automatically as it is name reveals. Four rounds out of five are kept in its magazine whereas one is loaded in the chamber. It was among the first semi-automatic guns which were produced successfully, after patenting the design, for such a long time.

Features of Sweet sixteen A5 include a distinctive Humpback, a high rear end, which directly bears the impact of the action on the barrel. A5 can be easily identified distantly due to this very feature. This shotgun was manufactured in a variety of gauges ranging from 12, 16 upto 20 gauge. The 16 gauge model of A5 was very much famous among the shooter from 1937 to 1992 and was named popularly as Sweet 16 A5 due to its light weight. Though there is no documentary proof for the start of production of Sweet16 A5 but it is supposed to be nearby 1937. This semi-automatic shotgun had witnessed a number of military activities all over the world including World War I, Vietnam war etc. It has been recognized all over the world as the best semiautomatic shotgun of its class since the start of its production.

Along with Humpback rear end other specifications of Sweet 16 A5 include 16 gauge 25″ long barrel with chamber 2 ¾” in size. This 7 lb 3 oz weighing shotgun is provided with improved mod fixed choke with gold plated trigger and rounded checkered pistol grip with glossy walnut finish on its 14 ¼” wide stock. The butt of this shotgun is provided with browning hard rubber to bear the recoil of the gun easily. It is made of overall good quality metal with some light dings, scratches and freckling and blueing wear on the muzzle. The wooden part of this gun is made of solid wood with a number of scratches and dings on it. The bore of this semiautomatic shotgun is excellently bright which can be aimed efficiently through bead on its sight. It has a tubular magazine having capacity to load five shots at a time.

Some of the users of Browning Sweet 16 A5 had admired this semi-automatic shotgun even after 50 years when it was bought by their grandparents as it still shoots excellently like a brand new gun. Some of them surprised on stopping the production of these excellent shotguns as they give excellent results even after such a long time. one of the users who had Belgium made model of this shotgun had deeply praised about the safety measures taken in it through shell lock on its left side. The intricate engraving of sweet 16 and a man’s head on the left side and serial no. and year of production on the right side of its barrel authenticates the originality of the gun even after more than 60 years of its production.

Thus, though the production of Browning Sweet 16 A 5 had stopped after 1998 but till today it is famous for its semi-automatic and light weight features among the shooters all over the world.