22 veterans commit suicide each day: VA report

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k-bigpicAn alarming number of returning heroes from the battlefield are taking their own lives today because they are not getting the help they need.  The U.S. government promised these brave Americans they would provide the resources needed to help them return to civilian life.  However, in many cases, this support is just too little – and tragically in some cases – too late. HTTP://


What can we do? I ask myself this every day!

Air Force Special Ops Command (AFSOC) and JSOC

Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)

I recently posted an article from GAWKER about a young soldier who just couldn’t take it anymore and expressed his despair in a chilling suicide note.  The article mentions that, from 2006-2007, he had worked with Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) – a place where I, myself, had served for 15 years.

What was the difference between this young man and myself?  Not an easy answer.

The fact is we, as humans, all deal with traumatic events in a different way.  This is why our government needs to understand and address each person’s individual needs.  This is something the Veterans Administration (VA) has a very hard time doing. The VA is looking for answers but unfortunately it’s usually a one-size-fits-all type of program.

Instead of addressing a very troubling issue in a very serious way, the VA is implementing programs that many veterans are pushing back on and, quite frankly, laughing at. How do I know this? Because I attend a PTSD support groups every week at the VA.

PTSD is not curable but it can be mitigated. I’m not at my usual support group session today because I felt a greater need to stay home and write this article.

The need to attend a group session is based on what is going on in one’s life on that particular day, or even at that moment.  You never know when something will come up that triggers a need to seek support from others, like yourself, who struggle to stay positive and engaged with life.

The job of the VA and our government is to make resources like “Open Ended Groups” available to veterans.  These resources should be about serving the veterans … not the needs of the VA!

I don’t want to go on too long; however, I hope my point is coming across.

Please, please help!   Your collective voice is the only way we can make a difference.  Write your Senator, Congressman and yes the President himself and demand that more resources are made available to our vets who served in all our nation’s wars — from WWII to the present!  (Yes, there are WWII vets who still struggle today … I know this, because I am friends with several who attend my group session.)

Please Tweet this article, post it on Facebook or your blog, or email it to all your friends. Let’s all work together to help reduce the daily number of war heroes who end up taking their lives … 22 a day is unfathomable; even one a day is tragic.

Please find it in your heart to reach out to those in power and voice your concern.  These wounded warriors need our compassion and assistance.   They sacrificed so much … and are getting far too little in return.  Let’s do something to help them … now.


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