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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) extends far beyond combat Veterans. TBI is most often caused by falls, vehicle accidents, and violence and is a major cause of death and disability worldwide, especially in children and young adults. To meet the needs of Veterans and others who have suffered mild to moderate concussions, the Department of Veterans Affairs has developed “Concussion Coach,” a mobile application that provides tools to assess symptoms and facilitate the use of coping strategies. The app is a useful tool, but it is intended to support treatment with a healthcare professional, and not used to replace professional diagnosis, medical treatment or rehabilitation therapies for those who need them. Concussion Coach was collaboratively developed by VA’s Rehabilitation and Prosthetic Services and the National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and the Department of Defense National Center for Telehealth and Technology. The app is available for Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and IPod Touch) from the App Store:, and will be made available for Google Play later in 2014.

Although the program developed for Veterans there are many applications throughout society.

Famous Actress and wife of Liam Neeson, Natasha “Richardson sustained a head injury on March 16, 2009, while skiing with the couple’s two sons on a beginner slope on Quebec’s Mount Tremblant. At first the 45-year-old actress laughed off the mishap, but called an ambulance two hours later when her headache became much worse. She was rushed to a Montreal hospital, where doctors discovered an accumulation of blood between the brain and skull called an epidural hematoma.” (

So PLEASE share this info.  Post it on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media groups and forums out there.  Kids suffer concussions everyday and this could help save a life.

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