Taylor Morris – A Wounded Warriors Real Love Story

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Today I received an email with the subject line “Fwd: Fwd: Love story in pictures” and didn’t know what to expect.  At that point I just new it had been forwarded a few times.  What I saw inside has spawned some serious thought about just how small my challenges are compared to Taylor Morris.

I copied the pictures from the email and did a little more internet research and also found some video to add here.

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What Taylor has accomplished is nothing short of amazing and of course his partner and now Wife is an amazing woman.  Where some may have ran she not only stood by him but literally carried him until he was able to walk on his own.

What an inspirational story and it’s not over yet.  What I have here is just a small part….


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Christopher "Patches" Norton is a Retired 20 year United States Air Force Master Sergeant. Chris also served 5.5 years as the Lead Loadmaster on the Super Guppy Transport at NASA Johnson Space Center. Chris was Disability Retired from NASA in 2012 following an injury on a Super Guppy mission. As a Veteran, Chris turned to the Veterans Administration medical system for assistance and this is where this story really begins. What Chris seen at the Houston, TX VA Hospital left him with an urgent feeling and need to give back. So Chris has a new tell his story.....his Post Military Adventure! Struggles blending in with Society, dealings both good and bad with the VA and what he's learned from other Veterans. *********************************************************************** DO NOT READ BELOW UNLESS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY DISCLAIMER.....MOST will not make any money at all with this. Some will....the difference is what you have inside of you and what you're willing to do and share. Just as the Bible says, it's better to teach a man to fish than give him one. Chris searched and found the Empower Network and saw how he could bring help to 100's, 1000's and even tens of 1,000's in a powerful way. Although all of us have different challenges, Chris believes the Empower Network WILL work for anyone... and CLICKING RIGHT HERE is how it starts!!!

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