What are Tier 1 Operators?

For those who are wondering about what are Tier 1 Operators, they should know that their origin can be traced to the aftermath of the failed 1980’s attempt to rescue USA hostages at the Iranian Embassy. Before this though, it seems that the SEALs were already doing their training CT training, including all twelve platoons in SEAL team 1.

However, it seems that on the East Coast some elements of team 2 took the issue one step further. They managed creating a group formed from 2 platoons which was named Mob Six so that if any maritime scenario would develop, they would be ready for it. In order to signal the rest that they’re really serious about it, they already begun considering advanced tactics, like fast roping. In what regards the United State’s initial CT units, only one of them was required in the military operations and of course, only the chosen group was recognized as being the official team.

Soon though SEAL Team six was created and this was aimed only to confuse the Soviet intelligence. In October of nineteen eighty, Mob Six had to finally shut the lights off and it was demobilized. Even though this was an important event that marked the group’s disbandment, many of the members were happy to join the fledgling group. Because they had previous experience in combat, it was easy for them to integrate themselves as very effective cogs into Team Six.

The team’s training was very strict and it would take place not only on the USA’s territory, but also abroad, both on civilian and military facilities. With the more experienced overseas teams like the SAS for instance, joint trainings and exchange programs have expanded a lot. In every case, there was a lot of emphasis on the realism the training sessions involved.

SEAL Team six was involved in a several operations, both covert and overt throughout the nineteen eighties before it was renamed. Even though in what regards the reasons for this big change they are unknown, official information stated this was done in order for the team to wash away its poor reputation.

There was a lot of controversy that followed when Richard Marcinko which was the unit’s founder was convicted to serve 2 years in prison due to charges of misappropriation of funds and other accusations, for making false claims against the government, conflict of interest, charges of conspiracy and many more. Not only did Marcinko had to serve 2 years in a Federal penitentiary, but he also had to pay a ten thousand dollars fine. Even though events turned out this way, the is still seen as a sort of god in select SEAL circles.

In what regards the NSWDG, as of two thousand and seven, it numbers between two hundred and four hundred operators and added to that is an approximately three hundred people in support personnel, broken down by Squadrons. Recent information states that within the DEVGRU, there are four such cells in existence (Sniper Cell, Force Protection Cell, Recovery Cell and Evasion Cell).