PTSD in Veterans – At a Glance

Before discussing the problem of PTSD in veterans one must have the basic information about this problem. PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder is a kind of disorder that occurs mainly when someone had experienced traumatic conditions. Though this problem starts immediately after traumatic event but its symptoms may occur months and years after the event. The symptoms of this disease appear and disappear several times but if they persist for more than 4 weeks and you experience distress effecting your routine work or life then you should consider that you have been afflicted by PTSD.

Though it is not easy to diagnose the presence of PTSD in veterans but experiencing a traumatic condition is essential for the occurrence of this problem. The persons going through traumatic conditions may show the symptoms of PTSD in their life, sooner or later, though it is not necessary as many of them do not get this problem. Reliving the event, feeling numb, feeling keyed up and avoiding places or things that remind you of the event are the usual symptoms of PTSD affliction which should be treated immediately otherwise it can worsen your mental health which may also lead even to death.

The probability of the occurrence of PTSD in veterans among the persons experiencing traumatic condition can be detected through a simple screening test by answering a shortlisted questionnaire to assess about the need of treatment to this effect. Though screening test is a good option to judge the condition of the patient but you can not completely rely on it as several other methods are being searched out through researches to diagnose and treat the problem of PTSD among veterans.

Reports based on independent study of US military personnels had exposed that more than 20% veteran American soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq are reported to be suffering with PTSD in veterans. Nearly half of them are showing the symptoms of mental disorder and depression and are being treated with mental health treatments. The veterans reported to be suffered with the symptoms of PTSD were among the numerous military personnels deployed on war duties at Iraq and Afghanistan since last some years. 17% of the army soldiers from the active combat duties and 25% of reserved forces returning for some months in 2007 were found to be positive with the symptoms of PTSD.

In fact PTSD is a kind of brain injury experienced by the persons working under traumatic conditions like powerful roadside bombs, enemy firing, ambush attacks or other traumatic events during war which can not be evaluated easily in most of the cases. Such stressful disorder gives a feel of losing limb and is normally manifested in the form of alcoholism, abnormal behavior, severe depression and even suicides in some cases. Though every precaution is taken while screening the emotional and physiological stability of the persons volunteering for such activities but still the cases of PTSD in veterans are increasing day by day among the military personnels, years after their retirement from active duties.