Blackwater Employment – A Detailed Explanation

Have you been wondering what is Blackwater employment? Worry no more this article guides you through what it is and what you need to do to get a placement. Blackwater Security is a protective and private military services contractor In the United States of America started in 1997 with its headquarters in Moyock, North Carolina. Blackwater Security Company markets its protection and military services to the American government and governments of other overseas countries. Back in the month of February 2009 the company changed its name due to the contentious aspects of some of its operations in Iraq to Xe. The company operates the biggest private tactical training ground in America. Blackwater Security facility has distinctive training areas, training ranges as well as training support. Blackwater employment is one of the greatest things that could happen to you. Since the company is trusted by private, commercial and government agencies means a lot to its employees who become part of a team that specializes in top notch risk assessment, protection and security.

Blackwater Employment Opportunities

The company advertises several remunerated positions in different locations across the United States of America and internationally. Most of the available positions include Logistics, operations, training, marketing, facility services, legal and human resources. Specific qualifications for these positions differ according to each position requirement. A lot of people are interested about the operations position. Operative officers mainly serve as independent contractors as opposed to being employees of the company. Before you get any of the company’s position you must go through several steps that is evaluation, training and finally employment.

Blackwater Employment – Evaluation

A lot of people who reach the evaluation stage of the employment are usually enlisted by the company’s personnel though there are those who go as volunteers. Blackwater has security professionals and solution that give them access to information. This information is normally used for intelligence analysis. The company bases most of their decision on their clients needs.

Blackwater Employment – Training

This basically forms the most critical part of the company employment. Since the clients of the company are government, private and commercial agencies Blackwater invests heavily on training their employees. Most of their trainers are law enforcement agencies veterans or ex military officer who offer military training. The company may also add extra courses if the client requests. Some of their training courses include driving, high threat protection, counter terrorists and high risk fire. Blackwater has numerous tactical firing ranges that range from 800 to 1200 yards and mimic different environments such as water and rural areas. The training also includes practicing how to interdict weapons of mass destruction as well as terrorist activities. The company offers extra training for high profile clients such as heads of states and CEOs.

Actual employment is only offered after passing the training courses, after one passes the training he can serve in different organizations that require security agents. A candidate’s job depends on the kind of progress shown all through the training period. If you are looking for a well paying job Blackwater employment is worth considering. Government, private as well as commercial agencies are in demand for protection and security professionals. The highly skilled trainers both from the military and other law enforcement agencies will ensure that you are well trained to offer security and protection to VIPs and assets