Everything You Need To Know About VA Disability Benefits

There are many disabled veterans who run large corporations, while others are never able to work again in their lives. Many disabled veterans get recognition for running marathons, while others are unable to perform day to day activities. It is true to say that disabled veterans can be seen in all ranges of various abilities. There are many disabled veterans who don’t consider themselves to be disabled. Some do not even meet the criteria set by our society for disabled individuals. To be precise, a disabled veteran is an individual who has applied for VA Disability benefits and had his/her application approved. A veteran may be receiving VA health care for certain disabilities, but still not be considered a disabled veteran unless his/her application has been recognized and approved by concerned authorities.

Disability Compensation

Disability compensation is offered to those veterans who have certain conditions which were caused by service in the military. Usually, these conditions are not only limited to physical disability, but also emotional experience. If an individual is suffering from a physical or/and mental condition which is related to service in the military, he can apply for Disability Compensation. Usually, people neglect a minor condition which may get worse with time. The bottom line is : If you have a certain condition which was caused during your time in the military, you are eligible for VA Disability Compensation.
Non-Service Connected Pension

Low income veterans who are disabled can apply for pension if their disability was caused by certain conditions that came around after their service in the military. Non-Service Connected Pension is also known as Improved Pension. It is only given to those veterans who have severe disabilities. Moreover, veterans should have served during a recognized period of war to be eligible. Such veterans should also have little income to be eligible for this type of VA Disability benefits.

Working Veterans and Disability Benefits

Most people think that only non-working veterans can be eligible for VA Disability benefits. However, veterans receiving Disability Compensation can continue to work as it is not prohibited under any law. Only those veterans who have been rated higher because of their inability to work will face a problem if they continue to work. There are some veterans who receive Disability Compensation and continue to work in the military. However, in such a case, they would not receive the compensation till they are serving in the military. Their benefits would be temporarily suspended.

Applying for Disability Benefits

Applying for VA Disability benefits is a complex and long procedure. However, this should be taken in a positive sense as it means that every piece of information will be scrutinized and double-checked by concerned authorities. Veterans should not apply on their own as free assistance is available to them. Service officers are available to complete all the paperwork required on your behalf. Moreover, service officers will also be able to explain the whole process to you and help out with all the details. This also helps the VA as they are sure that every piece of information is true and verified.