What is VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars)?

What is VFW is basically a question that not many really know the right answer to. Talking to some of my friends recently and telling them that I will volunteer for the VFW, they asked me what I’m going to do there actually, as they think it involves sitting around and drinking beer.

It seems that many have this misconception about the VFW, especially those younger veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. The VFW is basically one of the few places where a veteran can go and engage in talks with other veterans about the experiences they had in Vietnam, Korea, the Pacific, Europe and of course, many other countries. So many people have served in the army and so many of them have been traumatized by the war and it’s a shame that no official support networks have been established in order to help them out.

The VFW is much more than a place where veterans can connect with people alike and talk about their experiences in the war. This is a very supportive and active place for those who answered the country’s call to duty and still respect their vow regarding its protection.

The VFW stands for the Veterans of Foreign War and it’s the main service organization for veterans that ensured the passage of the new post nine eleven GI Bill. This means that veterans who fought in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq can now return home and continue studies, work full time and if they want, even are-enter the force once again. There was a massive amount of work that had to be done and many obstacles to overcome in order to get this bill passed, a bill which helps tens of thousands of veterans lead normal lives.

However, one of the most vital components of the Veterans of Foreign War is that it assists disabled and wounded veterans in getting their well deserved VA benefits. There are a lot of complexities in the process of determining the category of a disabled or wounded veteran. In this regard, the VFW has dedicated an entire department to assist veterans going through this process, a process that would even confuse a hardened NCO. The Veterans of Foreign War has FRs scattered throughout the USA and worldwide, people who are specifically dedicated to assisting veterans after they leave the military.

For many NCOs it’s literally a shock to discover that the Veterans of Foreign War has such programs in place and what it actually does is to ensure the veteran isn’t taken for granted and when he requires it, he gets his much needed assistance. It’s a complex network that would never be so effective without the membership of individual veterans who have decided to join their local Veterans of Foreign War post.

Even though young veterans who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are not keen on joining these posts, it’s encouraged they do, as this way they will be able to help with promoting the program. Veterans who served in the wars to defend the country need to be properly supported and places like the VFW does a great job at this and will continue to do so for generations to come.