After Retiring from the Air Force I immediately started working at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas as a Traffic Management Specialist and Super Guppy Loadmaster. I had the pleasure of being involved in the very inception of travel requirements for our countries new Space Program, at the time named Constellation.

Many components of the new Space Vehicle were moved from design, testing and launch by the Super Guppy. This required lots of travel all over the US in order to brief civilian airport management and military personnel, Boein Corporation and even Lockheed Martin at various installations on what support requirements the Super Guppy needed.

Moving one-of-a-kind Space Flight Hardware is not something to take lightly. It was an exciting time to say the least but it all came to an end when I was injured while lifting some heavy equipment on a Super Guppy mission in Tucson, AZ in Dec 2010.

Since then I’ve had a lot of time to focus on myself and my future. It’s ultimately led me to the internet in search of new opportunities which is where I’m at today. I’m devoted to not only bettering myself but helping other veterans realize the dream of taking matters into their own hands and leading a quality life outside of the military.