C-141 Cargo Aircraft – What is it used for?

The Lockheed c-141 Aircraft has been in use in since 1963, the aircraft is designed for both military requirements and the civilian requirements . The the type B is longer but similar to with type A with in flight refueling capacity. The increase in length of the starlifter involved the addition of length of the planes 23 feet and 4 inches. This stretching resulted in an capacity increase of about a third of the original C-141 cargo capacity, in the added 2,171 cubic feet. The stretch of the aircraft also resulted in increasing the of air craft by a third. The type A of the air craft, was built from 1863 to 1967 with a design of meeting standards of military as a troop oc cargo carrier. The introduction of B model of C-141 cargo aircraft, was the most reliable methods of improving AMC’s airlift capacity.

C-141B has an air refueling receptacle with an ability of transferring 23,592 gallons in about 26 minutes. This ensures non-stop journey and lesser fuel stops at countries bases during worldwide missions by use of airlift. The C-141 cargo aircraft force is about nine million hours on flight and is a great prove of its reliability and durable. Above all, training worldwide airlift for support, the c-141 is known for its bet performance in attendance to crises.

The C-141 is a cargo aircraft, in which its compartment can be changed, may be changed from floor rollers for palletized good transportation to a smooth-floor for wheeled motor-vehicles to aft on the side seats for traveler, faster and easier to handle over 30 missions.

C-141 are based on Charleston Air-Force-Base, AMC started exporting c-141s to Air National-Guard forces and to the Air-Reserve in July 1986. First Reserve unit being Andrews AFB, Md. He were then followed by others that includes, Ohio, AFB and march Air-Reserve based, Calif.

The first type A of the air craft, was delivered in October 1964 to Tinker AFM, Okla and began srquadron operation in April 1965. C-141 were the first jet transporter form the United States. Army paratroopers travel and landed in the Antarctic. In 1979, the armed forces received their first C-141B and then saw its conversion to c-141b in 1982. The C-141 is still the strength of military airlift acceptance and the milestone of a valuable-national asset airlift. C-141’s are reliable and intrinsic hence enabling AMC to pay for any commitment in any part national interest dictates.

The first official act of President John F. Kennedy after his inauguration was was to order the improvement of the lockheed 300 on 13 march 1961. Five aircraft craft were ordered with a design of C-141 cargo aircraft. The fact that the design of the airplane was in such a way that it will both the military plus civil airworthiness standards. The design and prototype of c-141 serial number 61-2775 was manufactures and assembled in a very short time. It was out of the c-141,s factory at Marietta , on 22nd august of 1963 and first off the air on 17 December. The companies and Air Forces then began an operational program test and delivery of 284 aircraft, at first to units of the MATS, afterward renamed the Airlift command in 1966.