C-5 Cargo Aircraft: Discover a Top-Notch Transport Plane

The C-5 cargo aircraft has been quite a workhorse of the U.S. Air Force for over 40 years, and it is still considered the best choice when it comes to haul huge military equipment such as armored personnel carriers, tanks or missile launchers. The C-5 Galaxy is certainly one of the biggest military aircrafts in the whole world, and why not one of the most famous. With almost 240 feet in length and a maximum capacity of 50,000 pounds, the C-5 broke new ground in the military industry, being of a tremendous help for the U.S. troops who invaded Iraq and Afghanistan last decade.

C-5 Cargo Aircraft Galaxy Features

Today, there are still 30 C-5 transport planes active in the U.S Air Force, because they are extremely useful and versatile. Some of the C-5 Galaxy’s top features are:

– Unique Design. The exterior of the plane comprises of 4 turbofan jet engines, T-tail, cargo loading assemblies, high-set wings (which are swept at 25 degrees) and a upward-hinged nose for a faster loading and unloading.

– Huge Cargo. You can load 36 fully loaded cargo pallets (at 88″ x 108″) or six large buses, two battle tanks or seven standard Huey helicopters. In the air-bus configuration, you can lump together 260 passengers. Its mammoth cargo compartment is 128 feet long, 18 feet wide and 14.5 feet high. The total size of the cargo is around 32,000 cubic feet.

– Upper-Deck Features. While the rear upper deck, which is the troop compartment, has 73 passenger seats, the forward upper deck features a cockpit crew with 6 seats, 7 relief crew seats and other 8 seats for dignitaries or couriers. Both compartments are air-conditioned and are fully pressurized.

– Modern Landing Gear. Lastly, one of the most important features that make the C-5 cargo aircraft a way better choice than other similar models is its unique landing gear system. This complex system consists of 28 wheels, 4 bogeys and a single nose strut. The landing gear is suitable for both unpaved surfaces and road surfaces. Moreover, it has the capability of raising each of the 28 wheels one at a time in order to simplify the takeoff or landing.

Perfect For Any Job

The C-5 Galaxy is specially created to transport any type of military equipment, from battle tanks, helicopters, bridge launchers to Hummers or troops. Usually, a standard military operation included the following military hardware that had to be transported: Howitzers, Bradleys and Hummers. The C-5 cargo aircraft proved its capabilities during the operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield, when they carried over 44% of all the airlift cargo, even if they represented only 12% of the U.S fleet.

There is no doubt that the C-5 is the perfect choice for any military operation. Only in the Persian Gulf war, these amazing aircrafts have transported a total of 513,000 tons of cargo and 462,000 passengers. On top of all, C-5 Galaxy holds the world record (even if it’s not in Guinness Book, it’s still a world record) of the heaviest drop in a single zone – two platforms of 60,000 pounds each. The C-5 is perfect for any job that is needed, this is a proven fact.