What Are The Key Features Of The Super Guppy Transport?

The Super Guppy Transport is the latest version in a long line of Guppy cargo aircraft. Its distinguished history has made it one of the most important aircraft in the field of space exploration and research. Like its predecessors, the Super Guppy Transport is used in various space programs. Previous Guppy aircraft models were extensively employed as transportation vessels in well known space programs, including Skylab, Gemini and Apollo. In fact, the very first Guppy model was developed in the early 1960’s to serve NASA early operations.

The official designation of the Super Guppy is 377SGT-F. Like its predecessors, it is designed for hauling large amounts of equipment on behalf of ambitious space programs. Its cargo compartment is approximately 25 ft. tall, 25 ft. wide and 111 ft. long. It has a maximum weight capacity of more than 26 tons.

Despite their reputation, all the other Super Guppies have since been mothballed, although it’s also worth mentioning that a restoration project is currently underway. The Super Guppy Transport stationed in Ellington Field, Texas is the last Super Guppy that is still in service. This Super Guppy is used by NASA for transporting sensitive ESA (European Space Agency) equipment on behalf of the ISS (International Space Station).

Like previous Guppy aircraft models, the Super Guppy Transport also features a hinged nose which has the ability to open more than two hundred degrees. Of course, the purpose of this feature is to allow large cargo to be loaded and unloaded from the Supper Guppy quickly and efficiently. A control lock as well as a disconnect system at the fuselage break also allows the nose to either open or close without ever disrupting engine control rigging.

Due to the sensitive nature of the International Space Station, NASA personnel have modified the Super Guppy with a specialized cradle that will allow it to transport Space Station components more effectively.

Facts About the Super Guppy Transport

There are several important facts about the Super Guppy Transport which distinguishes it from other major types of aircraft. Here are some of them:

– The Super Guppy Transport’s cruise speed at 25,000 feet is approximately 290 mph

– The SGT’s Range with IFR Reserves is approximately 2,000 miles

– Its Maximum Zero Fuel Weight is around 154,000 pounds.

– The SGT’s wingspan is approximately 156 ft.

– Its overall length is around length is around 143 feet.

Additional Key Features of the Super Guppy Transport

Despite its reputation as a public aircraft, the Super Guppy is actually a FAA-certified design. This design is worth millions of miles worth of service. It’s fast, efficient and is considered as one of the most economical aircraft for outsize cargo.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Super Guppy offers excellent flexibility in transportation planning. Its design removes any constraints with regards to long time lags and transportation to and from remote regions. This design is what makes the Super Guppy an ideal candidate in serving the needs of the ESA and NASA. With a maximum range of 2,000 miles and usable volume of around 39,000 cubic feet, the Super Guppy Transport remains one of the best logistics aircraft around.