Operation: Texas Veterans 2013

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****Attention: This is a repost from an email I received this morning from the Lone Star Veterans Association****

This simple fact is there are organization like this is just about every state and they need our support. I wish we didn’t need all these organizations but the fact is the VA isn’t doing their job and neither are the people we elected into office. Why so many organizations….Lone Star Veterans Association, Wounded Warrior Project, VFW, DAV and so on? Because each is need in their own way. I wish it wasn’t that way but you and I both know local politics plays a role. There’s just not enough room in each organization to boost the egos of those that need it. That’s the plain truth and we all know it whether we want to admit it or not.

Now I’m not saying lets keep feeding the egos of the folks in these organizations but rather that we think bigger than that for our fellow Vets in need. Find an organization that speaks to you and get involved in some way. Some of us are still in professional fields as Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Paralegals, and have valuable skills that can help those in need. I’m also not saying free medical care but to be honest with you having a half a day on one Saturday a few times a year wouldn’t kill you and it’s probably a serious TAX WRITE OFF.

Have you ever thought about listening to some of the Vets who have issues in your area of expertise and helping then with the proper words to write in their claim forms? Terminology is so very important and we all know that. So step up and just do a little…you’ll feel better for it and a brother or sister in arms will be better off for it.

Now to the article I received from the Lone Star Veterans Association this morning:

Operation: Texas Veterans 2013
The Lone Star Veterans Association has shaped Texas history and this current legislative session by advocating for what is just and fair on behalf of YOU, our members. Two years ago, our Policy Team, made-up of Post 9/11 Combat Veterans stormed the Texas state Capitol in Austin. The LSVA Advocacy Team successfully succeeded in simplifying the Military Voting Bill process for service members that are serving overseas, underseas, and on temporary duty assignments away from home. Our motto of Veterans helping veterans has not only changed the way we help each other but, it’s changing state policy too!

On April 14, 2013 LSVA went back to Austin for Operation: Texas Veterans. LSVA members walked the halls of the capitol to tackle the current Homestead Exemption and fight to extend the current property tax exemption for 100% disabled veterans to their spouses after they pass away.

The policy team also asked for all members of legislature to vote for SB 898 which includes expansion of The Department of State Health Services (DSHS) veteran peer support funding. Our innovative and direct programming is based on peer to peer mentoring to help veterans through difficult transition, unemployment, homelessness, and most importantly suicide. This funding would enable veteran service organizations like LSVA to engage more at risk warriors with these issues. We asked and they answered our call to action by passing SB 898.

The team also rallied for the inclusion of Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small businesses (SDVOSB) in the state’s underutilized businesses when competing for state contracts. It is LSVA’s mission to ensure our service members returning from war wanting to start a business are given every advantage in that process so they too can make a successful transition from military to civilian life.

Thank you to all of our veteran volunteers and those of you who support us!

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