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Obtaining Financial Freedom from HOME is NOT a topic I usually discuss on my website.  However, everyday I hear, see and read about the struggles many Disabled Veterans and newly Separating Veterans are having making ends meet……..oh, and lets not forget the E-1-E-4’s that are on Food Stamps on ACTIVE DUTY.

The truth is it doesn’t have to be that hard.  The Military TRAINED us to be leaders.  Not just leaders of Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, and Sailors but LEADERS of PEOPLE!  We were trained to LEAD ANYONE and EVERYONE.

I’m going to tell you the sad truth…..the civilian population WILL feel threatened by our training and our abilities.  I suffered this fact first hand.  Many, not all, have no sense of mission…..something that was engrained in us from the beginning and then again EVERY SINGLE DAY we served!!!!  They show up to work for one reason and one reason only…MONEY…and most of the time it’s not even enough.

We SERVED out of PRIDE, sense of DUTY, HONOR and so that our fellow citizens wouldn’t HAVE to.  From day one we wrote a blank check for our lives if that’s what our country asked of us.


You don’t have to wait till you separate from service to start doing something about your financial future. 

AND you DON’T have to suffer through the transition that I did.  The sad thing is I transitioned to another part of the government….NASA!  I was treated like CRAP!

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At first the transition was good.  But then I started to rise and FAST.  Why?  Because the average Civil Servant I worked with acted more like a “Self Servant” and I took that same Pride, Sense of Mission and Service BEFORE Self with me to work every day even at NASA.  Believe me….. it was NOT appreciated.  Soon even my boss and her bosses and his boss became threatened by what I could accomplish.  In under a year I set records NASA had never seen or even thought could be done.  It’s amazing what you can do when you’re used to making shit happen with hardly no resources.

Can you imagine what you can accomplish if you took that same attitude and willingness to LEAD and SERVE and worked for yourself?

I DIDN’T until I got hurt.  I wasn’t going to be able to go back to work.  What now?  Sit on the couch?  Die?  HELL NO!

I started looking for something else.  Something I could honestly do from home….NO SCAMS….NO GIMMICKS….AND NO GET RICH CRAP…..and this is what I found.


Quit looking for the next big thing.  There’s always going to be a new Network Marketing company launching or in Per-Launch.  There’s always going to be someone telling you they have a better way.  How about just sharing what you already know?  It really can be that easy.  Have you ever purchased a product that sucked?  Tell someone about it.  Have you ever purchased a product that is AWESOME……tell someone about it!  Blogging!

Yep, Blogging……the written word….better yet add a little YouTube to it and see what happens.  It doesn’t matter if you have a “brick and mortar”  store or a traditional MLM or if it’s just good recipes and/or information. People are hungry for information…the truth…and as long as you’re passing along truthful and valuable information there will be someone willing to listen…..and yes it even can pay the bills.


I’m EXCITED and will be watching just as I hope you will.

The TRUTH is this will also be my first time to see this new RELEASE.  I’m GIVING you the same OPPORTUNITY that I have……..WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH IT?








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