Working My Way Back

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I’ve been MIA for a little while….popping up here and there promising this is it…”I’m BACK”!!!  Well I’ve discovered it just isn’t that simple.  When you live with Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD days disappear, months disappear and you wonder how it happened.  I said I was going to do that tomorrow….I PROMISED….hell that was six months ago!  But here I am.  I put on a cap right after I crawled out of bed and made the video below.  Yeah, I almost stop it a couple of time.  So what! I did it!  Sometimes you need to celebrate the small victories you make today instead of dwelling on the past.  That’s what I did this morning.




Thanks to all for your continued support!!!

Christopher “Patches” Norton

MSgt, USAF Retired




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